California Doane Footnotes


(1) Blank number space in later years.

(2) A late use of this doane on a philatelic cover for the 100th Anniversary of the Post Office exists dated 04 Oct 1986.

(3) Sponge killer used from 20 Jan 1909 onward.

(4) Some examples appear with a scalloped cds.

(5) Sponge killer used on 24 Dec 1907.

(6) Official name of office was "Oregon House".

(7) Inverted 3 seen in later years.

(8) In place of a number, the letters "A H"  have been seen in later years.

(9) The Doane handstamp became damaged, causing the killer bars to become detached. Impressions dating after this event appear similair to cds/target cancels.

(10) Sponge kliller used from 28 Apr 1908 onward.

(11) This is a Doane mimic.

(12) While in San Diego County.